Kathmandu Handicraft Workshop (Fearless Nepal)


Kathmandu Handicraft Workshop (Fearless Nepal)


Nepal is known for its handicrafts, as you walk through various streets you will will see people working on their crafts. This tour gives you an opportunity to learn about the lifestyle of Nepali’s and their ancient crafts.



  • Learn various crafts
  • Learn about fairtrade products
  • An authentic Nepali experience


About the Tour

During the workshop, you will learn how to make scarfs, woolen mufflers, bangles and ball key rings by hand. You’ll have someone to assist you as you create your own crafts, all the while gaining a better appreciation for the craftsmanship. You will learn about the principles of fair trade and how fair trade products are made in Nepal and after the workshop, you will get to see the whole range of handmade crafts produced by the women. You will also get to take home the personal souvenirs you made during the workshop.

The women are always looking for ways to use reusable materials in their crafts. The money that is earned in the workshop is divided between the women and girls who work there, and some amount of money is also used to finance the workshop and to buy new materials. There are many women in Nepal who do not have an education, therefore this kind of work gives an employment opportunity to many women in Nepal.


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