Asan Tole Bazaar – Afternoon Walking Tour


This tour allows you to experience the bustle of the ancient streets of the Asan Tole and Indra Chowk Bazaars whilst learning about its history and the culture of Nepalis.



  • Newari Style terraced buildings
  • Annapura Ajima Temple
  • The Akash Bhairab shrine
  • Indra Chowk
  • The Asan Tole crossroads
  • Nyalon (Fish Stone)
  • The remains of the Yita Chapo (destroyed in the 2015 earthquake)
  • The courtyards of Takse baha, Kwathu Baha. Haku Baha, Dhalasikna Bahu, Dagu Baha, Asan Baha and Hwakha Baha
  • Witness sacred cows wandering the streets (if you’re lucky)



What to Expect?


After meeting in the courtyard of the Electric Pagoda café (Saath Gumpti Marg, Thamel, Kathmandu) at 2:45 pm for complimentary light refreshments before we join the chaotic streets of Kathmandu and make our way south towards the Asan Tole Bazaar.


The Nepali word “Tole” is equivalent to street in English and the word Bazaar means market (Asan Street Market)


The Bazaar itself is crammed with market stalls and shops that teem with life each morning.


It is not a traditional tourist destination as such, but an opportunity for visitors to be immersed in the life of Nepalese people as they shop for daily necessities (rice, Dhal, corn etc) traditional kitchen equipment, cloth and metal ware.


At its centre, six roads intersect to create a chaos of people, bikes, rickshaws and cars all intent on their journey whilst the Bazaar fans out in all directions.


Local farmers congregate to sell their produce in the main square and each Tole (street) offers specific crafts for sale such as gold and silverware, cloth, beads, spices and more recently tourist curios.


Individual tours can vary slightly depending on participants interests (so don’t be afraid to ask to linger a little longer if a particular area or shop attracts your attention.

By choosing Kathmandu Adventures you are guaranteed an authentic experience  that you will never forget!

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